W-Grounds is Born!

2008-01-25 10:35:36 by ShinDenjin

666.6 on the FM dial is finally here!

Okay it's a little crude, but it will do. I've also signed up for the podcasts through iTunes as well. For the inaugural, I've selected Ronay because I owe him that and he needs some attention. I'll try to keep this up on a tri-daily basis (one cast every three days). Before each cast, I'll select an artist from the AP to showcase and wire them a message or comment letting them know. So no volunteering yourselves. I get enough self-whoring in the BBS XD.


Look Through My Window

2007-12-31 00:08:40 by ShinDenjin

Here it is.

Read the comments on the song page. I almost never uploaded it =p.

Undeniable 2.0!!!

2007-12-02 12:06:10 by ShinDenjin

Here it is.

I made this thanks in part to the original making number 27 on the All-Time list. I recut and redid the original and added a whole minute to it. I hope you guys enjoy it.


Edict of the Demon

2007-11-05 22:49:27 by ShinDenjin


I did all of the voice work. Surprisingly enough I pulled each voice track off in one take. Enjoy guys and I appreciate reviews or pleas for me to get help XD.


Here it is ^_^

I did this on a whim. Got inspired by a friend of mine. I wrote and performed the lyrics myself. I don't expect a good score. But we'll wait and see.

planning for the future

2007-10-30 16:49:06 by ShinDenjin

Thinking of getting a few things for the later future, but they may or may not impede my plans on moving by mid year next year.

One of them is a mic... a new mic. the other one crapped out on me =p


2007-09-03 22:08:37 by ShinDenjin

Some of you may or may not know, I have waited somewhat patiently for this re-design for months if not, years. Since I started doing audio for the masses and getting caught up in the corruption that it entailed, I've taken hiatus for a few months and went semi retired. now, I'm back and getting into the swing of things. You'll see more of me as time goes on around the forums and the AP.

Keep those ears open wide.