Entry #1


2007-09-03 22:08:37 by ShinDenjin

Some of you may or may not know, I have waited somewhat patiently for this re-design for months if not, years. Since I started doing audio for the masses and getting caught up in the corruption that it entailed, I've taken hiatus for a few months and went semi retired. now, I'm back and getting into the swing of things. You'll see more of me as time goes on around the forums and the AP.

Keep those ears open wide.



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2007-09-15 17:35:53

i'm lance. i did the song where i said fart face now i'd do more songs with fun in them and funnyer ever.


2007-09-16 01:36:47

Your music made that scene HAPPEN in my movie. It was creepy, which I wanted! Thanks big time! So rare to find stuff like that!


2007-09-19 12:21:49

Thanks for the review man. And yeah, I shoulda posted it in Misc, but I thought it was closer to Trip-hop than anything. Live & learn.

I'll have to listen to your stuff tomorrow man as I gotta head to work.

Take it easy.