Entry #7

W-Grounds is Born!

2008-01-25 10:35:36 by ShinDenjin

666.6 on the FM dial is finally here!

Okay it's a little crude, but it will do. I've also signed up for the podcasts through iTunes as well. For the inaugural, I've selected Ronay because I owe him that and he needs some attention. I'll try to keep this up on a tri-daily basis (one cast every three days). Before each cast, I'll select an artist from the AP to showcase and wire them a message or comment letting them know. So no volunteering yourselves. I get enough self-whoring in the BBS XD.



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2008-01-25 10:51:23

Pretty good I like it it's not crude at all. I'm glad you're putting Newgrounds Artists on it and showing their music to the world hopefully when I actuslly know how to use my software or know how to play a instrument you'll put my music on. Anyway good luck.


2008-01-28 22:59:06

WOW nice pod cast i like how you did it
you done well.


2008-01-29 21:48:43

Why did you feature ronay?


2008-06-23 08:53:20

Ronay uses eJay................. He puts loops together.


2008-09-07 00:34:33

you know me i'am the guy you've were just talking a bout.

just to up DATE you i want from ronay to MCL
so heres my new link: www.MCL.newgrounds.com

go to it then up-date the podcast on a new podcast SAY: ronay i have this
up date he just moved over to a new name MCL and if you want to go to his
page its now www.MCL.newground.com so you can go there.


2010-12-13 22:55:48

Are you dead, dude?