Undeniable 2.0!!!

2007-12-02 12:06:10 by ShinDenjin

Here it is.

I made this thanks in part to the original making number 27 on the All-Time list. I recut and redid the original and added a whole minute to it. I hope you guys enjoy it.



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2007-12-06 18:20:15

WELL you look like you could be my audio bud!


2007-12-07 18:35:52

DO YOU like to be my audio bud we can make audio together!


2007-12-08 00:19:04

GO to my page and see what i'am talking about HERES the link!


2007-12-08 21:59:54

i put windows xp on my psp its cool i like the way it works! i even try'd windows
vista in works good in all packs i have xmb thats a bit fun with game,music.

still i thing i can do the audio you can!!!
i'am not so good at flash i try to do flash i got blam'd
for it this is lance here by!